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Chicago Things To Do

Although I left Chicago a week ago, this blog can lag my activities and whereabouts by a few weeks so this post is about my Chicago April activities (my tumblr is somewhat more uptodate).

I attended a showing of Mortified at Schuba’s. The lone male presenter had me breathless and crying with laughter because he reminded me of mitri! My date remarked that the female presenters’ readings from their teen journals revealed much about the teenage female mind and condition: he felt the journals clearly showed the relative intelligence levels of each woman. The show included photos of the presenters from their teen years, and my date said that the ordering of hottest to ugliest was the same as the ordering of dumbest to smartest. Coincidence, or an example of a stereotype being true? Does being less attractive cause/force you to be smarter or are the traits just genetically entwined?

Other April Chicago activities included:
-an improv class at Second City (I want to take an acting class now),
-an Improvised Shakespeare show at the IO Theater (really impressive, I love when improv groups make up songs on the spot that rhyme),
-scuba certification at Underwater Safaris (the e-learning part of this reminded me how great I am at taking tests and how satisfying it is to whiz through an absurdly easy test with fake math),
-a male strip club show called Hunkomania (I attended this with 2 married women and though I have lots of photos I will not post them because this is a family website. My main impression from this experience is that being a stripper is so unsanitary- they were putting dollar bills into their mouths and stuff. Gross!),
-shows at Schubas featuring Emily Wells and the Portland Cello Project (I’m yellow and I like the cello! I also play the piano and the violin- deal with it),
-the Lincoln Park Zoo (I used to live right across from the zoo and hear the lions roaring. This zoo is awesome! It’s totally free and includes gorillas, polar bears, lots of stuff), and
-the planetarium (space: our destiny).