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Everyone’s in a Tech Startup!

Visiting friends at different companies around the Bay Area was an exercise in discovering which American Apparel cuts and sizes fit me best. For fully 17 years of my life I was an XS in everything. Then I entered the next phase of the Asian Woman’s life cycle where I’m generally an American Apparel woman’s medium.

In each photo I’m wearing some schwag I collected. Some friends are running startups out of their apartments, some work at medium sized places that had offices the size of my apartment, and some are at companies that have IPO-ed like Zynga, Facebook, and Google. Don’t listen to Yinmeng, Google has hands down the best food of our times. In fact, the first food I ate upon returning to NYC was Google food.

One of the parallel universe Nancy’s probably started Facespace in her parallel universe and looks at me with scorn, wondering why I’m spending so much time reading HPMOR while she’s out dominating the world. I have to show that chick I’m better than her! This HPMOR stuff is all part of my grand design.

The main impact of visiting the Bay area is that I am trying out all the things that have happened on the Internet in the last 5 years. When I signed up for twitter, I discovered @nancyhua was taken! The same thing just happened with tumblr. Hence @huanancy and The inevitable conclusion is this: there can be only one. The race is on!

The possibility just occurred to me that, as long as True Names are still basically meaningless on the internet, @nancyhua etc could have been taken by people not named Nancy Hua… Probably always a good trade: buy domain and user names you think some future rich organization will pay a lot for. Maybe one day I’ll be a billionaire and pay 8 digits for like Facebook did with (Well played, Farm Bureau. Also flattering to know that the state of New Hampshire is so optimistic about my future greatness. They deserve the domain for now- what with having the best state motto of all time (Beyonce Kanye joke?)).

Bay Area Weekend Photos

Took a break from work to go biking.

Also grabbed food at Facebook, where this Tesla dined with another of its kind.

Normally I’m the only one charging in this garage but today was filled with new Roadster friends. Charging here is free so its utility is infinite.


Random people have been telling me to move to California: the veggie food, the Valley, the auto-void noncompete, the relaxed culture, and the weather all make a good case- and I haven’t even held a housewarming for my NYC pad yet! I need multiple locations: east coast, west coast, and then my ranch somewhere in Canada or Wyoming or Washington.


Five years ago I entered the top secret world of HFT and dropped off the face of the internet. Now I’m a completely different person from what I was like when we last met online. Prepare to be entertained.