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A Thanks


CEO and Co-Founder Palo Alto, CA
Backed by YCombinator
Making apps more awesome!


Trader in Chicago and NYC 2007-2012

MIT 2007

Bachelors of Science in Math with Computer Science
Theory of Computation was a great class I wish I’d taken freshman year- it’s the gateway class to the field Rudich had touched on all those years ago at Leap. Almost never attended lectures in any classes which means I only attended humanities classes where attendance was mandatory (see below).

Bachelors of Science in Writing
Learned to write from Junot Diaz (who wasn’t famous yet but clearly would be), Joe Haldeman and Kenneth Manning (who were already famous and clearly deserved it), among other great teachers and writers.

MIT Ilona Karmel Writing Prizes
2006 Enterprise Poets Prize in Imagining a Future 1st prize
2006 Boit Poetry
2005 Boit Essay manuscript 1st prize
2005 Boit Short Story 1st prize
2004 Science Fiction

Kelly-Douglas Traveling Grant 2006

Art Scholar
Saw a lot of shows for free or cheaply.

Eloranta Summer Research Fellowship 2005
Sometimes MIT kids want to see my proposal- I think it’s available in a binder in the grant office.

MIT Varsity Fencing Women’s Team Captain

This is a roller coaster the kids in my dorm were building for Rush.


Merrill Lynch
NYC 2006

Mercury Interactive
Developer in Yehud, Israel 2005
First (and probably last) college kid hired into the R&D office. Lived in Tel Aviv, had a car and a cell phone, stepped on a sea urchin, stung by a jellyfish. Was inspired to work in Israel by an Orson Scott Card talk/rant at MIT that led to taking an IAP class an the Arab-Israeli conflict that led to finding an engineering job in the Middle East.

MIT Media Lab Robot Life Group 2003

Harvard/MIT Center for Ultracold Atoms 2003-2004

Media and Technology Charter High (MATCH) School Tutor 2004

Mount Lebanon High School

Rank #1 out of 460+
Photography Club President
Fencing Team Captain
Academic Games and other nerd clubs
When I was 15, my mom asked me when I thought I’d have a boyfriend. Due to centuries of breeding and testtaking, I knew the correct answer. “I don’t know, Mom, what do you think?” Relieved, she said, “Senior year.” Later I would hilariously discover she meant senior year of college (I deeply wish I could’ve found a boy who could’ve finally impressed my mother (though I once accomplished this for a few hours until he cracked under my mother’s seemingly innocuous questioning while they were washing dishes together)). So instead of boys I spent all my time with these troublemakers:

Nerd Camps

Pennsylvania Governor’s School for Science
Carnegie Mellon University 2002
This summer program was so much fun and is now sadly defunct due to loss of state funding due to state budget problems ultimately due to evil high frequency traders.

Andrew’s Leap
Carnegie Mellon University 2001
Learned discrete math and theoretical CS with 30 other kids under Dr. Rudich. Here are all 4 of us girls:

Robotics Team Project

Art Scholar
Carnegie Museum and Carnegie Mellon University 1993-2002
I’m much better at 2D than 3D and I draw faces pretty quickly in pen. Several friends have made my portraits their Facebook profiles- is there any higher compliment for an artist?

My parents!