A Promise

Imagine the parallel universes containing other versions of yourself. Perturb these other universes, picture the other versions of you making slightly different choices, experiencing slightly different events. What would you have to do to increase the success of Superposition You? Different question: what would you have to do to increase the success of yourself in your own universe relative to the success of Superposition You?

When I think of the versions of myself in universes where they chose to do what they were Supposed To Do, I feel boredom. I don’t want to live in those universes. I want to outperform Superposition Nancy and one can’t do that by following the beaten path. You have to take risks- big ones. To expand the cone of possibility for your future self, you have to do surprising, hard, painful stuff.

Are you going to choose to create and live in a universe that a Parallel You would look down on? I refuse to give Parallel Nancy the satisfaction of thinking she’s doing better than me just because she worked while I lazed, or because she took a risk I was too scared to try, or because she had an idea I was too unimaginative to see. I’m better than that bitch and I want her to know it.