Chicago Food Adventure

Even though I lived in Chicago for years, there’s always a million new cool food discoveries. I can’t eat the same thing all the time, need variety. The only places I go to repeatedly are Riccardo Trattoria for the truffle special, Joe’s (I love the king crab so much- stone crab is overrated- I tend to get it as both the appetizer and the entree), Xoco for the hot chocolate, and Handlebar. This Chicago trip was my first time going to Yoshi’s, Native Foods, Hot Doug’s (so that’s where all the unemployed people are during the day), Coalfire (great bc I don’t really like deep dish “pizza”), Mercadito, and Next (I realized I don’t care about gastronomy-type foods that much. Who can eat for like 3 hours? There was a fun test part where you were supposed to identify the spice- the waiter said we were the most focused at accomplishing this part of any group he’d ever had!).